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Need for Speed (2014)

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Corrected entry: The plot revolves around Tobey being locked up, and that the evidence was such that there were no corroborating witnesses to show there were 3 Agera R's racing that fateful day. This is simply nonsense. There were hundreds of people in cars on the highway that could easily testify that there were three cars of the same make but different colour. There were also people that crashed because of the racing, and there's just no way that the police wouldn't get involved in cleaning that up and trying to establish how they crashed in the first place. It's inconceivable that of the hundreds of people on the highway that day in broad daylight, not one could tell the police that there were in fact 3 Agera R's racing that day.

Correction: In the movie the police state that there were witnesses that saw three cars, but no-one could place Dino at the scene. Also prior to the race Dino implied these 3 cars do not exist, so without proof of a third car showing Dino owned it and no witnesses who saw him at the scene, police didn't have proof Dino was there. Even if Dino was proved to be there, Toby would still have been charged and probably gone to prison for his involvement in the race, which led to a accident and death, so it's believable.

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