Prince Avalanche

Prince Avalanche (2013)


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Truck Driver: Well, let me give you a little advice. Never sleep with the same woman more than three times in a row, no matter how good it is. Otherwise, ya start to develop feelings. Feelings. That's how you feel.

Alvin: Gonna hit it in with your hand?

Alvin: True love is just like a ghost - people talk about it but very few have actually seen it.

Lance: So when you say something negative and insult the other person... You're really just showing that other person what an unsure-of-yourself-type person that you really feel like you are.

Lance: Hey, Alvin. If you were in a regional beauty pageant, and you were a girl, what would your special talent be?
Alvin: Triple Jump.

Truck Driver: You know what? You shouldn't smoke.
Alvin: Yeah, I know, it's bad for ya.
Truck Driver: No, I mean you shouldn't smoke. You look stupid.

Alvin: There's a difference between being lonely and being alone.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film you can hear a kettle whistling. But when Alvin removes a teapot (not a kettle) from the heat the whistling stops, but when he puts in back on the heat about 5 seconds later there is no whistle. Alvin doesn't remove a whistle cap or turn off the heat. (00:02:30)

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