RoboCop (2014)

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Corrected entry: The villains are told that they need to use .50 cal ammo to destroy Robocop. Problem is, the guns they are using can't possibly chamber or handle .50 cal ammo - totally unlike the "Cobra" (Barrett) in the original movie.

Street Judge

Correction: There is more than one .50 round. The one that goes in the M82 Barrett is a heavy sniper round. The gun used in this movie looks like it could handle the .50 AE, which is typically found in hunting revolvers.


Corrected entry: After Alex is injured and he asks to see what he looks like, Dr. Norton breaks down all his physical remains. In the scene, his left hand is non-robotic, but throughout the film, it's the right hand (also in the poster) that is non-robotic.

Correction: Review the film, he is looking at a mirror...

Corrected entry: When his partner is shot during the hotel setup scene early in the movie he holds his phone the wrong way and makes a call.


Correction: Phones in the movie are portrayed as transparent. This is why it looks like he was holding his Phone incorrectly.



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