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Corrected entry: The villains are told that they need to use .50 cal ammo to destroy Robocop. Problem is, the guns they are using can't possibly chamber or handle .50 cal ammo - totally unlike the "Cobra" (Barrett) in the original movie.

Street Judge

Correction: There is more than one .50 round. The one that goes in the M82 Barrett is a heavy sniper round. The gun used in this movie looks like it could handle the .50 AE, which is typically found in hunting revolvers.


Corrected entry: After Alex is injured and he asks to see what he looks like, Dr. Norton breaks down all his physical remains. In the scene, his left hand is non-robotic, but throughout the film, it's the right hand (also in the poster) that is non-robotic.

Correction: Review the film, he is looking at a mirror...

Corrected entry: When his partner is shot during the hotel setup scene early in the movie he holds his phone the wrong way and makes a call.


Correction: Phones in the movie are portrayed as transparent. This is why it looks like he was holding his Phone incorrectly.

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Alex Murphy: Dead or alive, you're coming with me!



When they show Alex's partner in the hospital his heart rate is showing 35 on the monitor. His heart rate is not that low from the EKG pattern.



When showing the pictures of Robocop's "combat mode", the pictures, with the exception of the human hand showing, are of the original Robocop played by Peter Weller.