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Corrected entry: In the scene at the end where Cusack and Thornton stand on the runway: the airport shown looks like it is in the middle of the desert - anyone in the airline industry knows that a 747 would never land at a tiny airport in the middle of nowhere.

Correction: 747s aren't used exclusively for passenger transport. As the current largest aircraft, they are preferred for long-haul cargo. Cargo aircraft often land outside of major hubs. Example: Airborne Express in Wilmington, OH. There's not a major anything for at least 40 miles around. Beyond that, the "airplane graveyards" are primarily located in the middle of the desert (AZ), and large aircraft such as the L1011 Tristar / DC-10 / 747s / whatever, land at these locations for retirement or storage quite frequently.

Corrected entry: When Billy Bob Thornton first arrives at the control centre and is being shown around by the boss, listen carefully as the boss appears to call him Bill before saying they should get started on his paperwork.

Correction: He actually addresses him by the character's last name, which is Bell.

Corrected entry: When Cusak meets Jolie in the car parking lot during the rain storm, he mentions the name of the restaurant that they ate together in was "Sorrento's". Many times in the movie the characters refer to the restarunt as Enzo's, there is even a shot of the door with the name Enzo's on it.

Correction: Cusack obviously eats there often and its a special place to him and his wife, so he could be on good terms with the staff and is referring to the owner's name. For example, there's a restaurant in my hometown called "Beef Burger", but everyone calls it "Barrel Burger" cuz of the shape of the building.

Grumpy Scot

Continuity mistake: In the scene towards the end, when there has been a bomb threat in the building, Billy Bob Thornton uses a pay phone to call the operator. He asks for the airline's base operations in "Greensboro, South Carolina". Greensboro is in NORTH Carolina!

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Russell Bell: Thought is the enemy.
Nick Falzone: I know. I've been thinking too much. I had that thought actually.

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