Pushing Tin

Continuity mistake: In the scene towards the end, when there has been a bomb threat in the building, Billy Bob Thornton uses a pay phone to call the operator. He asks for the airline's base operations in "Greensboro, South Carolina". Greensboro is in NORTH Carolina!

Continuity mistake: In two spots in the movie, first with Thornton and the second time with both Thornton and Cusack they stood on the runway over the threshold markings and waited for a landing aircraft so they could feel the strength of a wake turbulence. On final approach the pilot would have seen him/them on the runway and called a missed approach and execute a go around. You just don't land when there is an obstruction on the runway, it makes a hell of a mess of the undercarriage...

Continuity mistake: The movie seems to make a big show about the controller (Thornton and Cusack) guiding aircraft within a couple hundred feet of each other. If the movie followed actual FAA rules of aircraft separation (I believe it's a half mile vertical and two miles horizontal or so, but certainly farther than was constantly depicted), then both of them would have been suspended or fired several times over before the end of the movie. And that isn't something that would be up to their supervisors.

Continuity mistake: Angelina Jolie is seen buying three gallons of vodka in a Long Island, New York supermarket. Liquor is only sold in liquor stores in New York.

Continuity mistake: When Cusack is in bed with Thornton's wife, her nipple is covered in half of the shots from the side of the bed, and exposed in the other half.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie Cusack and Blanchett are having sex. Afterwards Blanchett gets dressed to leave to talk to a teacher of their son and she buttons her blouse wrong. In the next shot however the blouse is buttoned correctly.

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