Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

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Corrected entry: While the film revolves around Ryan, and without him there's no story, he takes part in the operation to stop the terrorist attack, even though, as an operative of the CIA, its charter prohibits him from operating within the United States.

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Correction: Incorrect, the CIA can and does operate in the US. The CIA is permitted to act within the US to address the specific areas of foreign intelligence, counter-intelligence, and terrorism (which is exactly what they were working on). They don't operate in the US in regards to domestic threats, which is FBI jurisdiction, although they can give aid if needed. See E.O. 13470. (Specifically section 1.7).


Corrected entry: When Cathy is held in the back of the jeep, her arms are restrained with silver duct tape. When Jack opens the door to rescue her the tape is gone, only to be seen around her wrists.

Correction: It appears to be some sort of strap, rather than sticky tape - it's shown to fly off (in a very brief shot) when the car she's in crashes.

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