Trivia: Though Psycho is a Paramount Picture, it was filmed at Universal Studios.

Trivia: The security guard who gives "mother" a blanket at the end of the movie has the door opened for him by a young Ted Knight.

Trivia: Psycho was made with a budget of under $1,000,000.

Trivia: When Detective Arbogast gets attacked by Norman's mother and falls backwards down the stairs, the actor, Martin Balsam, was actually just tap-dancing in front of a blue/green screen.

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Suggested correction: This is partially correct. The actor is in front of a screen projecting the image of the stairs behind him, not blue or green screened onto the image. In addition, according to at least one analysis going into detail of the making of the film, he was sitting on a slanted chair, so he was convincingly horizontal and flailing his arms only, not "tap dancing."

Trivia: The sound of the knife stabbing Marion's flesh in the shower scene was made by stabbing a melon.

Trivia: A body-double was used in the shower scene when anything else besides Janet Leigh's face, neck, shoulders, and arms are seen on screen.

Trivia: That freaky, shrill score of Psycho, created by Bernard Herrmann, inspired a well-known music producer to help create a popular song for a famous band. George Martin cites Bernard's score as an influence for 'Eleanor Rigby' by the greatest and most romantic band ever, the Beatles.

Allister Cooper, 2011

Trivia: Director Hitchcock hid the model of Mother in Janet Leigh's bedroom and listened to how loudly she screamed when she saw it to test its effectiveness.

Trivia: Walt Disney hated the film so much that he refused to allow Alfred Hitchcock to film at Disneyland for another film he directed.

Deliberate mistake: When Norman picks up Marion's supposedly naked body to carry it to his trunk, a bra is visible through the shower curtain. Gus Van Sant included this goof in his 1998 remake.

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Norman Bates: She might have fooled me, but she didn't fool my mother.

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Question: I'm doing horror movies in my Media Studies course and we're looking at this film in great depth. There were many themes that came up a lot in the film, mainly mirrors, birds and eyes. I've had loads of interpretations of all of these, but does anyone know what they symbolise?

rabid anarchist

Chosen answer: Birds are just a favourite choice of spooky animal that Alfred Hitchcock seems to use hence the film "The Birds". Eyes show the window to our soul where our deepest fears originate and who isn't scared of getting knifed in the shower. The mirrors i can't explain but I can suggest that it just looks creepy.

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