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Corrected entry: When Mia and her mom and her grandmother are talking in their kitchen after Mia has found out about her royalty, she says something like "What's next? Are you going to tell me I have a twin who's a duchess?" Then her grandmother responds with "No, but you have a cousin who is a Contessa, fondly known as Bartholomew. But, actually we call him Pookie." A Contessa is Italian for a countess-a female count, so what she should have said is "No but you have a cousin who is a count...."

Correction: If you really pay attention to it she's saying that he had a gender-change operation.

Corrected entry: When Mia and Lilly are discussing in private behind the tree, Lilly takes a few steps backwards and says "Shut up!", but in the next shot we see Mia and Lilly and the tree is nowhere to be seen.

Correction: The camera angle changes but you can see the tree to the left of them as they walk away.

Corrected entry: When Mia is sitting with Jeremiah, Lana says "Sunglasses, girls!" and she and the other two girls put on their glasses. But when Lana stands up and faces Mia, her glasses have disappeared.

Correction: She takes them off, you can see her placing them on the table.

Corrected entry: When Lana, Anna and Fontana are in their cheerleader outfits and performing "Grove Lions", look at the back and you can see a girl who is obviously not used to cheerleading. When the rest of the girls twirl round she can't twirl, and at the end when they all say "Go Lions!" her back has turned and she has to turn round to join in with the rest of the group.

Correction: So? Maybe she is new. Maybe she only got on the squad due to popularity. Cheerleaders has to start somewhere.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Mia goes to her grandma's place for the first time, when she is walking to the couch you can see that necklace case is on the table, then when Charlotte walks into the room she is holding it in her hand.

Correction: The jar that you see is a completely different jar. It has none of the fancy carvings on it like the one in Charlotte's hands, and when the camera pans out and Charlotte says, "Those are Genovian pairs," you can easily see both cases sitting on the table, right next to each other.

Corrected entry: When Mia is getting the make-over the guy says that the cucumbers do nothing, when really they do. They reduce the swelling around the eye.

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Correction: This would be a character mistake. I think it also illustrates that Paulo isn't really that great at what he does - he's kind of pompous and clueless.

Corrected entry: After Mia and the Queen play arcade games, Mia goes outside to eat a corn dog. Mia puts mustard on the corn dog and takes a big bite. A moment later, she offers the Queen a bite. When the corn dog is passed to the Queen, it is a new corn dog without bites taken.

Correction: I just watched this movie and the corndog has a bite taken out of it before it is handed to the Queen.

Corrected entry: If Michael was open to talk to Mia about why she dumped him to go out with Josh, why couldn't he have told his own sister? Is there relationship that bad? Telling her would have prevented Lilly from being put on the spot by Mia not showing up for the TV interview.

Correction: A lot of people, especially in High School Age, do not tell their siblings about these kind of things because they are so hurt. They normally tell their friends.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mia has to hit the ball to pass gym class, the first ball that she hits is foul and the vice principal says, "It's just a ball not a snake", the words don't match up with her mouth.

Correction: When Ms. Gupta says that, she has her back to the audience, so we can't really see her mouth.

Corrected entry: Ignoring the common mistakes in geography for any movie filmed in San Francisco, there is a shot of a helicopter flying away from the beach party with an island and Palm Tree in the ocean in the back ground. There is nowhere along the coast of San Francisco where an island is visible. (01:17:00)

Correction: Actually, there are island off the coast of San Francisco. They are called the Farallon Islands and can definately be seen from the coast. Granted they are not as large as the ones seen in the movie (probably one of the Channel Islands) but they are there.

Corrected entry: At the end of the ball when everyone is dancing, you see the band in the background playing their instruments. Even though they're going along with the pop music being played, they're playing instruments that don't exist in the song.

Correction: They aren't dancing to the song we are hearing, they are dancing to the song that the band in the background is playing, we are hearing a song the film makers put over that for the movie.

Corrected entry: When Mia is at the basketball court, talking with her friend, she slips and falls off one of the bleachers. This is the actress's mistake, she really does slip, you can tell by her immediate change of tone in her voice. Confirmed on DVD.

Correction: They also decided to keep that mistake in the film.

Corrected entry: If Mia's such a goody two shoes and teacher's pet, then how come all the teachers don't know her name? They think that she's invisible and call her "Lily's Friend".

Correction: Nobody ever says that Mia is a teacher's pet. It is actually pointed out that pretty much the entire school thinks that she is invisible. It's part of the joke. Plus, the woman that calls her Lily's Friend is the principal. Lily does a cable access show through the school so probably knows the principal quite well. There is no reason that the principal would know Mia by name. My high school principal sure didn't know all of his students' names.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when Mia slides to the first floor she isn't wearing glasses, but when she is handed the garbage by her Mom she is.

Correction: She was wearing her glasses before she slid down. She probably took them off to slide down, then since she isn't shown again until after about 40 seconds it makes sense for her to have put them back on.

Corrected entry: When Mia finds out that she is a princess and asks her mother why she never told her, her mother says that Mia's father and herself were planning on telling her when she turned 18. But later in the film, when it's Mia's 16th Birthday, Mia receives a diary from her father and a letter he wrote before he died. In the letter he tells her that today, her 16th Birthday, is an important day where she has a big decision to make(whether to become a the princess or not). But weren't they planning on telling her when she turned 18?

Correction: It is possible that he's referring to the big decisions that come with 16, including life direction, college thoughts, etc. Especially for girls (Concept of 'sweet 16' and such).

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mia's mother and Grandmother are in their homes watching Lilly's show, Mia's mother looked shocked when Mia never showed up for the show but she knew full well Mia was going to the Baker Beach Bash.

Correction: She may have known that she was going to the beach party but she did not know that Mia was skipping out on a previous engagement to do so.


Corrected entry: Before the ball when Mia is talking to her grandmother, she takes off her slippers to do yoga. In the next shot you she Mia briefly lift up her leg and she is still wearing her slippers.

Correction: Right before the grandmother leaves, she has to turn to tell Mia something. You see a shot of Grandmother from far away with Mia in fornt of her. You can see Mia putting on her slippers by her body movements.

Corrected entry: I don't know if you noticed, but it is said many times that Mia is only 15, if that IS true, why is she driving?

Correction: It is also mentioned many times that she only has her permit. You can get your permit at age 15 in California.

Corrected entry: I guess only somebody with curly hair would notice this, but in the beginning of the movie before her makeover, the character Amelia has what appears to be naturally bushy, frizzy, curly hair. Later in the movie, when she is racing to get to the ball in time, she's sitting in the pouring rain soaked from head to toe. If your naturally curly hair is straightened, it will get curly again when it's wet. Her hair is still straight.

Correction: If naturally curly hair is chemically straightened, it will not become curly when wet. It only takes 30-45 minutes to do this process, so it could have been done while other parts of her makeover were in progress.

Corrected entry: Early in the movie, when Mia mentions her dad's death, her friend reminds her that it's been two months since it happened. But later on in a news report it is said that he died the year before.

Correction: When the reporter talks about someone dying the year before he is talking about Clarisse's husband, not Mia's father.

Continuity mistake: At the big dinner, the Grandma tries to show the Japanese man some pictures and he shakes his head as he eats his green soup. A minute later, they serve the green soup.

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Mia's deceased father: Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.

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Trivia: When Mia is getting her makeover Paolo says that he will call her eyebrows "Frida" and "Kahlo." Frida Kahlo is a Hispanic artist who has a uni-brow.

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Chosen answer: Mia tells her grandmother that she has a 1966 Ford Mustang.

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