Chili Con Corny

Chili Con Corny (1972)

10 mistakes - chronological order

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Directed by: Paul J. Smith

Starring: Grace Stafford

Genres: Animated, Comedy, Family, Short

Continuity mistake: After Mrs Meany has fired her fourth shot at Woody, Woody dives under the left plate. At this point, you can see the stove plate cover fall onto the stove and the right plate is covered. When Mrs Meany jumps onto the stove with her gun in the next shot, the cover is now back on the left plate and the right plate's cover has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Woody says that he'd better put the pile of dishes away, you can see that he is next to the door but in the next shot he is by the sink.

Continuity mistake: When Woody knocks a pile of dishes off the sink edge, you can see there is nothing next to the sink, but when he slips on a bar of soap, two bowls have appeared.

Continuity mistake: When Woody tries to escape while cleaning the dishes in Mrs Meany's café, you can see a pile of plates by the sink, but when Mrs Meany threatens to break Woody's neck if he breaks one dish, we cut back to Woody and the number of plates have increased.

Continuity mistake: When Mrs Meany shakes Woody, you can see two escape keys fall out of Woody's pocket, but when Mrs Meany inspects the items on the ground, there is now only one escape key.

Continuity mistake: When Mrs Meany grabs Woody when she thinks he was going to sneak out without paying, the background behind Woody changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Mrs Meany puts the menu on the table for Woody to read, the position of the menu changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Woody drives away from the café, Miss Meany appears from underneath the bonnet and points her rifle at Woody, but when we see Woody in the next shot, the rifle is nowhere to be seen.

Continuity mistake: When Woody is washing dishes in the café at the end of the cartoon, you can see there is nothing next to the sink. In the next shot, some bowls have appeared, and in the shot after that they have disappeared.

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