One Chance
Movie Quote Quiz

Julz: How much money do you need?
Paul: I'm still short about five hundred quid.
Julz: When is it?
Paul: In three weeks. I'm thinking about selling my body.
Julz: How will you get the other 498 pounds?

Julz: See you, Brad.
Paul: Bye, Cameron.

Roland: There's something I want to tell you. I know I haven't always been the best of fathers.
Paul: Dad, you don't have to say.
Roland: Shut up and me do the singing for once. The only real measure of a father's success is by how far his children end up surpassing him in life. And you, you can be very, very proud of yourself.

Julz: Wow. I knew you were mad for opera but I didn't know you were completely psycho for it.

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