The Spectacular Now

Sutter drives to Aimee's bus but waits in his car without her noticing until she leaves. He gets drunk and gets called a hero by a fellow drunk for saving Aimee from getting further involved with him. He drives back to his home and admits to his mother about meeting his father. He breaks into tears and says he is afraid he will become like his father, unloved. His mother comforts him and tells him that his father's problem is that he doesn't love anyone except himself, but Sutter is not like him because he loves everyone. She reminds him of moments in his life as proof. Sutter completes his essay submission that he started at the beginning of the film, drives to Philadelphia and runs into Aimee on the steps of her University. His appearance causes her to have a pained expression, leaving it ambiguous as to whether or not she still wants him in her life.


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