101 Dalmatians

Corrected entry: Right after the 15 puppies are born, Roger is holding the dead puppy who is brought back to life. He then tells off Cruella, saying she may not have any of the puppies, and the sickly puppy is still upstairs with them. Pongo then runs downstairs to tell Perdy that Cruella is gone, and next to Perdy are 15 puppies. Shouldn't there be 14, considering the 15th is still upstairs?

Correction: There actually is a total of 14 puppies downstairs with Perdy.


Corrected entry: When Cruella is writing the check with her "wretched" pen, the colors of her hair are on opposite sides from normal.

Correction: Cruella's hair is always black on her right and white on her left.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the two robbers are following the puppy trails through the woods and are nearing exhaustion they spot the police convoy coming along the road. The cars appear to be mostly Range Rovers. In a latter scene though, Cruella joins them in the prison van and the convoy of police cars is seen to be leaving the village, but most of the police cars appear to have changed to Land Rover Discovery's, instead of the earlier Range Rovers.

Correction: This is from the 1996 version, not the animated version.

Corrected entry: Cruella is in her bed reading the paper about her robbery. When she says, "Roger, you are a fool.", her gray eyelids are colored white for one frame, causing a blinking effect.

Correction: How is this a mistake? It's a technique used by the animators to make her blink. Just because you know how they did it doesn't make it a mistake.

Corrected entry: Roger walks down the stairs imitating Cruella. He has a long cigarette holder & cigarette in his hand. But two seconds later, they are gone.

Correction: There are two long shots in between the shots of Roger, giving him enough time to put the cigarette holder/cigarette down.


Corrected entry: The first time Cruella shows up at Roger's house she has a cigarette in her left hand. In the next shot it's in her right hand.

Correction: She visibly swaps what hand it is in as she walks through the archway.


Corrected entry: When Pongo is watching the dogs being walked he is looking down out the bay window. In the next scene he has to run up the stairs to get to the front door.

Correction: Pongo doesn't go up the stairs to the front door, he just looks out a window in the stairwell wall, and then goes back down to the study.



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