The Day of the Jackal

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Corrected entry: The British SIS stumbles upon the Jackal's assumed identity when they discover he applied for a passport under the name of a deceased individual. But when the Jackal was in the early stages of his preparation, he obtained Duggan's birth and death certificates, the latter of which he destroyed; there's no mention in any other chapter of another copy existing. And the Jackal is too much of a professional to make such an unprofessional, amateurish mistake like leaving such a copy for a police detective to find.

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Correction: No governmental agency will turn over the original copy of a birth or death certificate. What the Jackal obtained was, what we call in the US, a certified copy.

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The arms dealer tells Special Branch detectives that Charles Calthrop - wrongly suspected to be The Jackal - barely escaped with his life when Rafael Trujillo, the dictator of the Dominican Republic, was assassinated in 1961. "The whole regime collapsed within hours." He tells them, relating how Calthrop was with the Police Minister at the time and had to flee, bribing a fisherman to take him off the island in order to escape the angry mobs of partisans who were rioting in the streets, indiscriminately killing anyone they thought had collaborated with Trujillo's regime. What cobblers. There were no partisans and no riots. Trujillo's regime continued uninterrupted. His brother Hector immediately took power and ruled absolutely and ruthlessly for another eight years. Calthrop would have nothing to worry about unless Trujillo himself had signed his pay cheque. Calthrop's alleged involvement in the assassination is a hugely important plot point as it inadvertently leads to the discovery of the false passport obtained by the Jackal and the uncovering of his false identity, and his name was only placed on file because of his rumoured involvement in events which simply did not take place.