Continuity mistake: When Graystripe and Firestar spy on the Tigerclan camp they name the cats in the clearing. Mudfur is among them but on the next page it mentions a lack of medicine cats. Mudfur is the medicine cat. As far as I know you can't unbecome a medicine cat.

Continuity mistake: Near the end when they are about to do battle with BloodClan, Firestar meets Whitestorm's "worried blue eyes" eyes. In the first book they are "the color of sunbaked sand". Cat eyes don't change colour.

Continuity mistake: When Firestar holds the ceremony so Greystripe can continue Stormpaw's training, it says: "Leaping down from the Highrock he beckoned to Stormpaw with his tail." but further down the page it says: "Firestar brought the meeting to an end and descended from the Highrock", despite having already descended in the earlier sentence. Also on that page, "Highrock" is spelled as one word but further down as two. Throughout the rest of the book, it is one word.

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