Northern Lights

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Corrected entry: There are at least two passages in this book where electrons are mentioned. Electrons are so named because they carry electric current (not the other way around), so in a world where electric current is referred to as "anbaric," electrons should be "anbarons" or something similar.

Correction: The etymology is from the Greek word "elektron" which means amber. The word electric comes from elektron because when amber is rubbed a static charge is generated, i.e. amber seems to be a source of electrons. Even though in our world, the word electric came first and the word electron was based on it, there is no reason that the word electron could not have been directly derived from elektron.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the book, Pantalaimon becomes a monk, but later on Lyra says daemons can only transform into animals.

Correction: At the beginning, Pantalaimon is in the form of a moth not a monk.


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