Murder in the Queen's Armes

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Plot hole: In Chapter 8, Oliver examines a dead body which has a nightstick fracture of the right forearm bones. While examining the fractures, he discovers a pierced olecranon fossa - a hole through the bony elbow joint - of the same arm. When his examination of the other arm reveals that it does not have the same hole, he realizes that the hole in the right elbow socket must have resulted from wear and tear - specifically, the repetitive snapping motion of pitching a baseball - since birth defects are usually bilateral. This in turn leads him to identify the dead man as a former baseball pitcher who quit playing when he wore out his arm. The problem? Throughout the book, the man is referred to as "left-handed" and a "southpaw" pitcher. He pitched left-handed, so he should have worn a hole through his left elbow socket, not his right.

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