Corrected entry: In chapter 4, Robinson discovers the wreck of his ship, and removes his clothing before swimming out to it. Once there, the very first thing he does is to go to the bread room and fill his pockets with biscuits. While he later in the chapter states that he was wearing breeches when he came aboard, the events of the book occurred almost a century before people started to sew pockets into trousers, so it is impossible for Robinson to have these on his "linen, and open-kneed" breeches.


Correction: Crusoe's adventure starts in 1659. The book was published in 1719, only 60 years later. By this logic, Daniel Defoe wrote about pants pockets 40 years before they were invented. However, it never says the pockets were part of his pants. For a long time prior to being an integral part of clothing, pockets were separate bags tied to the outside of clothing which is what this refers to.




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