By Jon Sandys

Wed 7th Jan 2015

This has been a notable omission for a while, partly prompted by copyright concerns, partly by being otherwise-busy, but it's now possible to submit YouTube links for mistakes listed here! As such you can upload your own captures to YouTube and then submit the links, or if you just find a great mistake video already on YouTube, that's fine too - provided the original submitter has enabled embedding, it'll work fine. At the moment it just works with YouTube links, but if there's enough demand for Vimeo, etc. I'm sure it can be tweaked.Just like screenshots, you can submit the links as you make submissions, or after they're online, and if you're a registered member you'll be credited for sending in the link. Not many online just yet, but I'll add more myself if/when I have the time - the system is in place, at least! For now, why not check out this Commando mistake...

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