Is it that time already? Yes, yes it is. This week in Movie Banter (episode 4 - Banter on Patrol), Paul and I discuss the Clint Eastwood-directed Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie, as well as sharing views on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sweeney Todd, Waz (or W Delta Z), Day Watch, and Waltz With Bashir. Plus we find ourselves going off on a tangent about Steve Guttenberg, and wonder why subtitled movies put some people off. The "Desert Island Flicks" category this week is musicals, and there's a guest appearance by Paul's housemate Jenny, who came home early from work while we were recording, hence got dragged into things. The podcast can be found on iTunes, or subscribed to and/or downloaded from here:

If you've not yet tried the podcast, don't worry about coming late to the party - we've got no unexplained catchphrases or in-jokes, and anyway, the first 3 are still available. It consists of me and Paul Kerensa (stand-up comedian and writer for the BBC) chatting about movies we've seen in the week, both old and new, together with anything else amusing and/or film-related that comes up in the course of events.

If you've tried the podcast and enjoyed it, please tell all your friends, post reviews on iTunes, and feel free to contact us with your thoughts. If you didn't, probably best to keep it to yourself for the moment - you might yet change your mind...

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