Message boards

By Jon Sandys

Wed 4th Mar 2009

Bit of an experiment, but something I've been meaning to do for a while. There are now message boards available for each movie/TV show, and for all the blog posts. Registered members can start discussion threads and post comments - there are some guidelines in the message board section (basically there's no way to stop people posting mistakes, questions, trivia, etc., but you're better off using the proper submission form).

Posts will be deleted if they contain anything offensive (I realise that's quite a broad sweep - nothing draconian, but use common sense), and I may do some pruning myself if they end up being misused. If you come across anything offensive, just click the "report abuse" link - anyone persistently posting offensive entries will have their account blocked.

Sounding rather serious all of a sudden! Anyway, it may well be something that's barely used, or it may take off in a big way - I just thought it was due. No doubt there'll be a learning curve in terms of use/abuse/features - at the moment you can't post links or other HTML code, but if there's demand for it that could well be added in the future.

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