Well, colour me surprised - after years of rumours, discussions, theories and aborted efforts (and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", which was, to put it bluntly, bloody terrible so we'll speak of it no further), the Merc with a Mouth has found a home. 20th Century Fox is bringing us the movie on February 12th 2016, clearly as a 2-day late birthday present for me (well, me and my birthday twin Chloë Grace Moretz, albeit with a great many years separating us).

I can't claim an enormous depth of Deadpool knowledge, although recently read "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe", which was entertaingly bonkers. That said it's been impossible not to pick up on the outpouring of fan love, especially after the test footage below was leaked, then officially released.

No official word yet on Ryan Reynolds, the constant supporter and fan-favourite to star, but given that it would probaly never have got to this point without him, I'd be amazed if they then enrage the internet by giving the role to someone else. Everyone's also staying quiet on the rating, which has been another contentious issue - the subject matter would seem to demand an R, but if it's a risky bet the powers that be might demand a PG-13, opening it up to a wider audience but losing fan goodwill in the process. Being a grown-up I'd prefer the R rating - while I quite enjoyed the Expendables 3, the downgrade it received seems to have hurt its box office figures a bit. Time will tell...

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