A new start...again

By Jon Sandys

Sun 31st Aug 2008

Right, I'm giving this whole blogging thing yet another go, after...quite a few failed attempts covering creative writing, movies, general link compilations, etc. I finally realised that at least one problem was that the blogging software did nothing for me, and I hated it not being properly integrated into my site. Plus it was designed for ease of use rather than for the typical techie, meaning adding links, codes, styles and the like was all more long winded than it should have been - give me raw code any day. Yes, I'm a massive geek.

So it's now part of the regular moviemistakes.com site, and we'll see how it goes. I'll slowly add more bits and pieces - if you're reading this and feel something's missing, the style's weird, you're desperate to comment, or something along similar lines, by all means get in touch using the contact form with suggestions.

My general inclinations for what this will be filled with are mostly movie news and random witterings, plus whatever else takes my fancy in my online meanderings. There's also a relatively strong chance I may post occasional celebrity pictures, because frankly there's a huge market for them and with the ever-increasing levels of competition online I can't afford to miss an opportunity. Yes, I'm a sell-out, and I'm only partly ashamed of myself...

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