5 Toy Story bloopers

By Jon Sandys

Tue 15th Jun 2010

When Buzz is in Sid's sister's room, Woody comes up to it disguised in the Christmas lights. He then leaves them beside the door before he goes in. When they leave the room, the lights are gone. Later the lights return when Woody goes to get them, but there are fewer of them.

When the army soldiers are yelling into the baby monitor that the kids are heading up to Andy's room, the baby monitor is right in front of Woody on the floor. Yet, when the camera pans out to show all the toys scrambling for their places the monitor is gone, and the piggy bank is right in front of Woody. Then, when the camera zooms back in to show Woody, the baby monitor has reappeared.

When Buzz Lightyear demonstrates his "flying" abilities in front of the other toys, his right wing would have clipped the car track.

When Andy's mom suggests to Andy they go out to eat at Pizza Planet and that Andy can only bring one toy, Woody picks up the Magic 8 Ball which was next to him and asks if Andy will pick him. If you see in the earlier shots the ball wasn't there.

After Sid takes Buzz out of the room where Woody is imprisoned, the clock on the wall shows 3:10. When Woody is talking to Sid's toys a minute later, the clock now reads 10:00.

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