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When the family move to Alaska, the door to their cabin opens to the left (looking at it from the inside) when Homer escapes from Bart and Lisa's "avalanche". But later in the film it opens to the right (from the inside).

The second time Russ Cargill spreads out the five options on the President's desk, the name bar with 'President Schwarzenegger' on it vanishes and reappears on the desk twice.

When Bart is chained to the post, a large piece of grass used to cover him appears from nowhere.

When Nelson says "I'm using a red arrow so I know who I kill," the word "Springfield" appears on his sweatshirt. It wasn't in the previous shot.

When the mob is charging toward the Simpson's house, we see Nelson in his regular clothes. When he shoots the arrow at the Simpson's, he is wearing a Springfield T-shirt.

When Homer circles the dome on the bike, in the first two shots (close-up and wideshot) Homer's left hand is gripping Bart's left wrist, but in all of the following shots it is Homer's right hand that is gripping Bart's left wrist.

During the Green Day concert, the lyric displaying teleprompter sits onstage beside the mic stand, but then disappears, reappears and disappears again by the time the barge sinks.

In the scene where Lisa's boyfriend is trying to play "Lisa's song" from the other side of the glass, at first the guitar has an f-hole, and in the next shot of him, it's a solid body guitar.

The arrow that Nelson fires into Homer's head changes place between shots. It goes from on top to the side.

When Homer is dressed as General Marriot Suites he's wearing white gloves but after he punches the guard the gloves have vanished.

When Marge and Homer are watching the news about the silo being found, the '6' on Kent Brockman's microphone keeps getting smaller, the color of his belt buckle changes and the landscape in the background changes.

In the motel room, the poster of Alaska is not reflected in the mirror behind Marge. You can only see the little lamps next to the bed.

When Bart and Lisa are looking at the cabin from a hill, the cabin only has a shallow incline to the water, but in a later shot there's a significant slope.

When Marge is reconstructing Grampa's prophecy with magnets on the fridge, she moves the magnet saying" eyes" up a few inches to complete a sentence. When the shot changes to a wider angle, the magnet is back where it was before she moved it.

When "Emperor" Moe appears in front of Marge, after she and the kids return, the two cartridge belts swung over Moe's shoulders switch from his left over the right, to his right over the left.

At the end when everyone is congratulating Homer, Comic Book Guy is by Homer. Homer then rides down the street to Marge and Comic Book Guy is suddenly by Marge.

When Bart and Homer are up on the roof, Homer puts the hammer on the roof next to his leg. In the next shot when he dares Bart to climb the antenna, it's gone.

When Homer is climbing the dome, there is a shot of the rope. No-one is climbing it, yet a few seconds before people were climbing the rope.

When Homer is collecting firewood his footsteps start randomly in the midde of nowhere, with no tracks to the trees he came from.

When the Simpsons see the nooses in their backyard, you see two kids put a pacifier on Maggie's noose, but in the next shot where you can see the nooses, the pacifier is gone.

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