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I See You picture

Character mistake: Two EMTs took Alec in a stretcher to the ambulance, apparently without first attending to his gunshot wound, inserting an IV, giving him oxygen, or doing anything else that a first responder would do for an injured person. (01:27:48 - 01:30:18)


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Z (2019)

Continuity mistake: When Beth got home from her appointment with Dr. Seager, about a third of her house was on fire. When Beth opened the front door, the center of the house was also engulfed in flames and going up the steps and walls. When Beth carried Josh out of the house, the entire house was in flames, and they watched it burn for a while. No fire trucks came, no neighbors noticed, and no police came. Neither Beth nor Josh suffered any smoke inhalation or required treatment. The house was OK the next day. (00:54:07 - 00:57:02)


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Random Acts of Violence picture

Revealing mistake: It was pouring when Adam, Hannah, and Megan got out of their SUV to talk to the Man and try to get help with the flat tire. As they stood there, no "rain" was hitting them and it became obvious that their partially wet-looking clothes were "pre-wet" - they returned to the SUV with the same amount of "wetness." Also, the rain was coming down in straight streams, all parallel. (The water flow appeared to be slightly angled to make the artificial "rain" look more natural).


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Vivarium picture

Other mistake: Aerial views of Yonder gave the impression that a basic grid pattern was used - parallel horizontal and parallel vertical lines that form right angles; yards were of equal area, either a square or rectangular lot. [However, some of the views from the couple's car as they were trying to find the exit showed some slightly curved roads that didn't fit the grid.] Following the sun as a way out, the couple was jumping over fence after fence - but they could've simply walked along perpendicular roads.


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Suggested correction: But they tried getting out using the road by car, and they felt that the roads were causing them to go into a loop. So instead they take a route they know for sure is straight. Btw, Yonder isn't real so the way the roads bend and how the grids are made up is purely an optical illusion.


Walking (not driving) along the perpendicular fences would be the same difference only easier and less exerting. If/when they encountered a fence that looked different, that's when they could jump over it to see if it made a difference. How could they "know for sure" that the fences they were jumping over took them in a straight line? Also, they realised the clouds weren't real, so following something in the sky (the sun) was not necessarily a good idea. [This will be my only response here.].


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Happy Death Day 2U picture

Revealing mistake: When Tree kills herself by throwing herself out of a plane, in the shot where she lands in front of Carter and Danielle, it's very blatantly obvious she was filmed on a greenscreen and comped in. The lighting on Tree doesn't quite match the lighting of the scene, and there are very obvious and unnatural hard lines around her hair where the background was rotoscoped/keyed out.


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Color Out of Space picture

Continuity mistake: The location and intensity of Lavinia's purple hair highlights vary throughout the movie. For example, the purple highlights on the right side were far more pronounced (two wide, distinct, vivid lines) when she got home compared to when she first met Ward. Lavinia rode her horse Comet home, so her hair would have been wind-blown and the highlights would not have been likely to be neatly straight down, especially since she has long curly hair. (00:05:10 - 00:07:13)


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Deadcon picture

Continuity mistake: The girl and guy are in a hotel room and she kisses him good bye. You see her go out of the door and the door handle is on the left side and no chain hanging. Then when you see the door a few seconds later the door handle is on the right and the chain is latched.

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The Wretched picture

Continuity mistake: Ben overslept so grabbed a green T-shirt off his bed and got into the truck where his dad was waiting to drive to work. At work, Ben changed into his blue polo work shirt. When Ben was leaving work, he had a green/yellow/white checked short sleeve shirt over the green T-shirt, but he did not have the checked shirt when he went to work. (00:21:44 - 00:24:54)


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Dark Light picture

Factual error: The Sheriff of the small town is wearing Sergeant stripes on her shoulder sleeves. If she was a Sheriff then no chevrons should be on her sleeves.

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Killer Sofa picture

Continuity mistake: The inspector is showing the singer the gruesome images of her friend. As he says "It's how we identified the remains", she raises her right hand, but in the next shot it's with the left hand that she's touching her lips. (00:04:45)

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