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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs picture

Buster Scruggs: Misanthrope? I don't hate my fellow man, even when he's tiresome and surly and tries to cheat at poker. I figure that's just a human material, and him that finds in it cause for anger and dismay is just a fool for expecting better.

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To All the Boys I've Loved Before picture

Peter: There's no-one like you, Covey.

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Crazy Rich Asians picture

Astrid Young Teo: It was never my job to make you feel like a man. I can't make you something you're not.

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Never Look Away picture

Dr. Burghart Kroll: Your pen. Your sword.

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Overboard picture

Molly: What's a pervert?
Kate: Nothing.
Molly: Can I have one?

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Love, Simon picture

Ethan: You could have told me you were gay.
Simon: Guess I didn't think we had very much in common.
Ethan: You're telling me Simon. It's not like your all hoodie wardrobe rocks my world.

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Set It Up picture

Harper: When my mom was my age, she had me. I've never even had a boyfriend.
Charlie: But you're like, a grown up.
Harper: Take that back.

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Siberia picture

Lucas Hill: My wife and I are old friends. And sometimes, with an old friend, you learn to squint away certain things, things you'd maybe rather not see.
Katya: Is it just her doing this, not-seeing, or you too?
Lucas Hill: The thing about squinting, you can never be certain what you might not be seeing.

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The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society picture

Amelia Maugery: I've seen things I never thought could happen happen.

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Nobody's Fool picture

Frank: So the dude ain't real?
Tanya: No, the dude ain't real. He could be anybody.

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Colette picture

Colette: Did you ever feel like you were playing a part, Sido?
Sido: In what way?
Colette: As a wife. Or a mother. Like you were just going through with it.
Sido: Sometimes, as a wife. Never as a mother.

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Widows picture

Jack Mulligan: What I've learned from men like my father and your husband is that you reap what you sow.
Veronica: Let's hope so.

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Nappily Ever After picture

Zoe: These? So good. Try one.
Violet: No thanks.
Zoe: Oh come on, I know you want some.
Pauletta: Excuse me, you're using your outside voice.
Zoe: Excuse me, but we are outside.

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