Best movie mistake pictures of 2018

New this week Continuity mistake: Right in the beginning, Wade hops out a window from his home and starts walking beside it to the edge to climb to the next level down. As he starts walking he passes by another window with a curtain. It then cuts to a closer angle and suddenly the window no longer has a curtain. Also a wire appears on the wall in front of him. And you can tell it is the same house, not a time jump, as the rust at the to of the window frame is exactly the same.


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Ready Player One mistake picture

New this month Continuity mistake: When M'Baku challenges T'Challa, the decorations near his neck are in a different position between him facing the crowd, and him turning to face T'Challa.

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Black Panther mistake picture

New this month Continuity mistake: When Big Nick kidnaps Donnie and they are questioning him at the motel, he sits in a chair and Big Nick walks past him setting a bottle of whiskey on the table next to Donnie. It's visible there most of the time, but after Big Nick slaps Donnie and says don't be a smart ass, in the next shot from behind the bottle disappears.


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Den of Thieves mistake picture

New this month Continuity mistake: Right after the space station explodes, Dr. Atkins sighs in relief and closes her eyes. She slightly tilts her face down, but still showing her eyes are fully shut. It then cuts to a side angle as the canisters beep before she looks over and her eyes are suddenly open.


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Rampage mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Rick and Kirsten are at the game, just after they shout at one of the players, Kirsten drinks from her cup, but in the next shot, the cup is suddenly back in the armrest holster.


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Set It Up mistake picture

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