Best fantasy movie character mistakes of 2017

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Kong: Skull Island picture

Character mistake: Chapman is wearing a gold oak leaf cluster insignia on his uniform which is the rank of Major. At the initial briefing he is introduced as Major, which is correct. Throughout the movie he is referred to as Captain, which is wrong.

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Wonder Woman picture

Character mistake: While posing as Steve's driver, Sameer refers to him as a colonel. He is actually wearing captain's epaulettes.


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Justice League picture

Character mistake: At the start Wonder Woman stops a terrorist attack in London, and one of the terrorists tells her the bomb will flatten 4 blocks. This must be true as she is using her lasso of truth. But she just throws the bomb through the roof window and it explodes without damaging anything. A bomb with that blast radius would still damage nearby buildings, whether it detonated in the air or on the ground.

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Suggested correction: You are compelled to YOUR truth. He didn't build the bomb. He could have been wrong based on what he knew. Otherwise, why did the terrorists have to go through all that trouble to plant a bomb there if they could level 4 blocks just by planting it outside in the car.


Which is why it is labeled a character mistake, yes. You are right in your observation, but at the same time, the only truth the movie feeds us by exposition is that the bomb is supposed to have a certain power, and that is not true. Movies tend also to use this trope/trick a lot; the moment you throw a bomb at 'the last second', the explosion that was supposed to be uber-powerful is relatively harmless, even when the distance was not all that significant.

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Depends on how high she threw the bomb. She can throw that thing high enough that it won't cause damage. Certainly if it's not as powerfull as the terrorist thought.


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