Best drama movie character mistakes of 2016

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Hidden Figures picture

Character mistake: A TV news announcer describes Alan Shepard's first manned launch into space as him being lifted to "an altitude of 116 miles per hour." That's not an altitude, that's a speed. It should have just been "116 miles."

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Loving picture

Character mistake: Civil rights lawyer says bring up the 1983 case. Should have been 1893 or 1883.

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Deepwater Horizon picture Deepwater Horizon mistake picture

Character mistake: When Mike's wife is watching the news about the oil rig on fire, you can see the TV with part of the U.S. map on it and 'Mississippi' is misspelled as Missisippi. (01:09:10)

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Allied picture

Character mistake: Max back in London is referred to as Group Captain, but his RAF Rank shows him as a Squadron Leader.

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Madaari picture Madaari mistake picture

Character mistake: In the newsreel during the growing tensions, a newspaper headline featured with great importance goes like this; "ABUCTED son not yet found." (00:04:30)

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20th Century Women picture

Character mistake: Jamie says about his dad "Last time I felt close to him was on my birthday in 1974. He bought me mirrored sunglasses. I saw the President fall down the stairs, and I threw up on the carpet." The footage they are showing on TV is from Gerald Ford's infamous fall from the Air Force One which happened in June 1975. (00:02:25)

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A Street Cat Named Bob picture

Character mistake: It happens in real life too, but when Betty makes the "I'm a level 4 vegan; I don't eat anything that casts a shadow" joke, she misquotes The Simpsons' episode where the quote originated. That'd be level 5. (00:48:40)

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