Best adventure TV mistakes of 2015

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Supergirl Lives - S2-E9

Continuity mistake: As they are fleeing the alien base, Supergirl and the others run towards the portal, Winn activates it and jumps through. In a following shot (after a 'friendly' alien helps them), he is standing behind Supergirl again. (00:32:00 - 00:32:35)

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The Harbinger - S1-E1

Factual error: 1-1 A couple of spelling errors. A "community center" in Ceylon, a British colony, using the American instead of the British spelling. And Columbo listed as the capital of Ceylon; it's Colombo.

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The Iron Ceiling - S1-E5

Factual error: Agent Carter takes the coded message and decodes it, where it starts with coordinates of 53° 72 minutes north, 27° 37 minutes west, and is told that location is in Belarus. Two problems. 1) The minutes value can only be between 0 and 59, so 72 is an impossible value. 2) The location given (ignoring the 72 minutes problem) is in the north Atlantic Ocean, but they were close. Belarus is roughly 53 north and 27 east (not west). (00:06:30)

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Let Sleeping Zords Lie - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: Kendall is wearing black heeled boots when she is fighting the aliens, switches to black sneakers when she lands after being thrown and has the boots again when she stands back up.

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Die Glocke - S4-E6

Other mistake: When Jones is trying to convince Herr Waesch that she's the owner of the estate where his gala is being held, subtitles of his reply read "I personally procured this home. It's owners were French." The contraction "it's" should be the possessive "its."

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