Best family movie character mistakes of 2013

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Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure picture Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure mistake picture

Character mistake: As the movie begins, a book opens up with various fairy tell things written in it. The name Cinderella is misspelled "Cincerella" on the second page, but is spelled correctly on the first page. It is also apparent that the second page just has some of the same text as on the first page. (00:00:20)

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 picture

Character mistake: When Barb introduces herself to Flint, Steve calls her a monkey, and she corrects him saying that she's an "Orangutang", pronouncing the G at the end. But the correct word is Orangutan, with no G sound. Barb would surely know this, as a genius ape.

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