Best comedy movie plot holes of 2013

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Despicable Me 2 picture

Plot hole: Lucy jumps from the airliner and flies her hang-glider straight to Eduardo/El Macho's Cinco de Mayo party to find Gru. How did she know Gru would be there? He had no intention of going and only did so after he was pestered into it by the girls on the very night of the party, so he couldn't have told her himself. Shouldn't she have gone to his house instead? (01:09:50)

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About Time picture

Plot hole: They aren't able to travel before the birth of their children or their children become different. Despite that, he visits his father one last time before their third child is born. His Dad and he then travel back to when he was a kid, which would have changed his first 2 kids.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 picture

Plot hole: San Franjose was in California on the Pacific Ocean, Swallow Falls was in the Atlantic Ocean. How did Flint and the gang get back so fast?

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The Croods picture

Plot hole: When Grug is trying to escape from the explosion behind him he sees Douglas and says "Douglas! Hey I know that guy!" This is not possible since he neither knew the name of the creature or was nowhere around when Douglas was with Thunk.

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Escape from Planet Earth picture

Plot hole: Gerry's wife uses a rocket boot to break through a window and then slides down a curved wall to get to their son. She does so gracefully and takes off running. Gerry slides and takes a hard tumble and rolls down, landing on the ground. The next shot shows Gerry running behind his wife and not too far away as they reach their son. Even if it was to show a little time passing, there was not enough distance between where they broke the window and their son for Gerry to have picked himself up and catch up to his wife before reaching their son, especially with his wife being a worried mom doing a full on sprint to her kid.

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Free Birds picture

Plot hole: When Jake first meets Reggie, he tells Reggie that the Great Turkey told him his name. Later in the movie, when Reggie goes back in time and introduces himself as the Great Turkey to a young Jake, he only tells Jake to find the "Pardoned Turkey" but never said that the pardoned turkey's name was Reggie, so there's no way the adult Jake would know Reggie's name when they first meet.

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The Hangover Part III picture

Plot hole: Chow emails Alan to meet him at a bus stop in Tijuana. That's all the email says and they manage to get to the right bus stop. It would seem rather unlikely they would just happen to get the exact bus stop Chow was going to given the fact that there would have been loads of bus stops in Tijuana anyway. (00:27:30 - 00:29:55)

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Grown Ups 2 picture

Plot hole: After the tyre, with Higgins in it, bounces on top of the cop car you can't see anyone in the back. When the tyre is stopped and they open the back of the cop car, Braden is inside. They didn't have time to pick up Braden before stopping the tyre. (00:47:00 - 00:48:10)

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Hansel & Gretel Get Baked picture

Plot hole: When Gretel is going through the weed maze the first time to find one of Carlos' goons in the cage, Agnes' dog is gone. But just earlier, she told her dog to stay there right by the cage, and the dog did so, and did not leave the garden. Yet Gretel is there and the dog is not seen, nor does it show up or attack her, despite all the loud noise, leaving a trail of Skittles, and the whistling. It does not make any sense that the dog would have vanished and not attacked Gretel. The writing even missed out on a good action scene there.

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Delivery Man picture

Plot hole: The premise of the movie is that a group of this man's genetic offspring have united to learn his identity. He receives a stack of the bios of those in the lawsuit. One of the children he visits is severely disabled in a nursing facility and would not have been capable of joining the lawsuit.

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