Best war movie continuity mistakes of 2010

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Dear John picture

Continuity mistake: John's staff sergeant military shoulder epaulet markings become upside down in the scene when he and Savannah are having dinner at her house when he comes to see her after his dad died. In a later shot shortly after, they are correct.


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The Last Airbender picture

Continuity mistake: During the scenes at the Northern Water Tribe, there is a cut in the middle of Aang's lower lip that occasionally will disappear and reappear.


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Green Zone picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the team is in the process of clearing the sniper, Miller says, "When the 203 goes, we're going to go all the way down to the left side." The team member with the 203 (the grenade attachment for the m16) never shoots, only the 240B (the full assault rifle). (00:06:00)


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Tomorrow, When the War Began picture

Continuity mistake: When Ellie & Fiona are breaking into the garage to steal the gas tanker truck, Fiona's hands are by her side. The camera angle changes, and her right hand is up, holding her rifle strap.


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La Rafle picture

Continuity mistake: The little Nono is singing the nursery rhyme in front of the cafè. One of the nazis tosses him a coin, while the other puts the cigarette down, but at the cut he's already taking a puff.

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