Best animated movie revealing mistakes of 2009

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Planet 51 picturePlanet 51 mistake picture

Revealing mistake: After Chuck steps on the toy duck, he looks up to see the alien family and their house behind them. However, there is no reflection of this on his visor, just an empty field and the trees beyond.

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Coraline picture

Revealing mistake: In the shot right before Coraline finds the hidden door for the first time, she says "Alright Little Me, where are you hiding?" and drops her notebook and pen on the floor. When the notebook and pen are falling, you can see the wires that were used to suspend them while they were being animated. It's a common stop motion technique, but these days they usually try to paint the wires out afterward. It's a pretty severe dutch angle though, and they're only visible for a few frames, so it's easy to miss. (01:27:55)

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Monsters vs Aliens picture

Revealing mistake: Susan appears to pass right through the glass window after knocking down Gallaxhar.

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A Christmas Carol picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene when Scrooge is sitting in his armchair by the fire, the animation of the fire is badly looped and you can see it flickering as it finishes a cycle.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs picture

Revealing mistake: When Flint screws the fuse into the fuse box to get the lights back on his dad just appears out of thin air.

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