Best action movie mistakes of 2009

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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans picture

Continuity mistake: Near the start, after Lucian saves Sonja from the werewolves. Before Sonja throws Lucian the the sword, Viktor and his guards are walking around the corner next to the ladder. When she throws it they disappear, when Lucian catches it they reappear. (00:06:30)

Ursus Maritimus

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Star Trek picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film when Kirk is being awarded his medal, behind the Federation Counsel you can see 3 flags in the background- the center flag is the California state flag. After Kirk shakes Pike's hand, and the camera pans up and back, the California flag is hanging significantly different so that it is no longer recognizable, seeming almost blank white. As the ceremony is indoors and all attending are standing motionless, this flag should not have moved. (01:56:25)


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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs picture

Other mistake: When Buck tells about his fight with Rudy, he swings while saying "Back, forth" in front of the others. They are looking the wrong way. He is also swinging on nothing at all.


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The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day picture

Continuity mistake: When Murphy, Connor, and Romeo arrive at Doc's bar the first time, a cigarette can be seen tucked behind Murphy's left ear, but when the boys enter the bar, it is now behind his right ear.


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The Tournament picture

Plot hole: Although it is true that CCTV-camera's are "everywhere", it is highly unlikely they are placed in churches under low angles (MacAvoy's Church) or that two separate ones are pointed at a dumpster in the middle of nowhere (Slade's first kill).


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Zombieland picture

Continuity mistake: When Tallahassee first appears, driving the Escalade, he smashes into a car, which badly dents his "snow plow" (very easy to see). In the next and subsequent shots, it is as nice and straight as before.


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Surrogates picture Surrogates mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: In one shot at the end, when all the surrogates fall to the ground, you can see a few crew members (one with a white megaphone) standing in the street in the upper left corner. (01:19:55)


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Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus picture

Other mistake: In the scene with the plane that is attacked by the mega shark and subsequently crashes, the camera focuses on one character in particular- a man who states he is "getting married in a few days". It is assumed when the plane crashes that everyone on board dies, yet in the very next scene this man walks behind Deborah Gibson's character as an extra.

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Pandorum picture

Character mistake: When Bower is banging on Payton's hyper sleep chamber from the outside it says Payton, but when it cuts to looking from inside out, it says Bower.

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Fighting picture

Continuity mistake: When Shawn meets Harvey in the restaurant, he brings in the box of umbrellas which is soaking wet from the rain. When he leaves, the rain has stopped and the box changes from being soaking wet to completely dry to wet again for the rest of the scene.


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Crank: High Voltage picture

Revealing mistake: When Vang and Chev are running and about to jump the fence into the power station, look in the fence and you can see the handy foot holds that the actors use to go over the fence.

Ssiscool Premium member

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Hardwired picture

Audio problem: Drake places the tea kettle on the stove having just finished pouring the water into his cup. The kettle whistle dies down as he places it on the unheated burner. The problem is that the whistling would've stopped soon after lifting the kettle from the hot burner, and certainly wouldn't have gone on while he was pouring. (00:57:10)


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Echelon Conspiracy picture

Continuity mistake: Somewhere during the car chase scene, one of the rear lights of the delivery van breaks. After that it magically fixes itself in some shots.


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Dragonball Evolution picture

Factual error: Despite the film building to a climax during a total solar eclipse, which requires a New Moon, the film constantly shows a Full Moon, which never changes phase over the weeks the film takes place.

The Yeti

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Black Dynamite picture

Factual error: The large revolver used by Black Dynamite throughout the film appears to be a Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic. The movie is set in the early 1970s, but this gun was not produced until 1990.


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Armored picture

Factual error: The license plate on the sheriff's car when he arrives at the factory is 5Q49926. In California - where the film seems to take place - that is a "Commercial" license plate issued to trucks and commercial vehicles, but law enforcement are issued "Exempt" plates which are 7 numbers.


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Lies & Illusions picture

Other mistake: When Wes is running from the bad guys he hides in a St Patrick's day parade. No buildings that they pass have any St Patrick's day decorations or give any hint of this holiday, including the Irish bar they go into earlier.

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Next Day Air picture

Continuity mistake: When Shavoo and Buddy arrive at the storage area, but before they open the cell, they clasp hands. The shot changes, and their hands are now down and no longer clasped.


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Wild Target picture

Continuity mistake: When Maynard is teaching Tony to shoot a gun, Tony fires three shots first. The gun's chamber closes as usual (meaning the gun still has ammo). We see a shot of Maynard, then flick back to Tony and the chamber is now open (meaning the gun is out of ammo). Tony then fires three more shots from an apparently empty magazine before being told to reload. (01:26:40)

Nik Rolls

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The Land That Time Forgot picture

Continuity mistake: When Cole fills the water jug at the creek, it is only about a fourth full of water when he caps it and hands it to Captain Burroughs. A moment later as they are walking away, the jug is almost completely full of water. (00:18:50)


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