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The Edge of Love picture

William Killick: The boy is screaming.

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 picture

Tibby: So Kostos isn't married. Why can't you just stop thinking about it and follow your heart?
Lena: Because...he broke my heart!

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The House Bunny picture

Shelley: Instead of the Mahi-Mahi, can I get just the one Mahi, because I'm not that hungry?

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Nights in Rodanthe picture

Dr. Paul Flanner: What keeps you safe?
Adrienne Willis: Well, you fall in love with someone, you know... and you make a family... and you become what you think you're supposed to be. And you change and you give up certain things. Then they look at what you've got left and you wish you... I don't know, you just think maybe you shouldn't have.
Dr. Paul Flanner: Don't.
Dr. Paul Flanner: Just don't do it anymore.
Adrienne Willis: ...Huh.

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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day picture

Joe Blumfield: I must remember that you're not like these people.
Guinevere Pettigrew: Am I terribly old fashioned?
Joe Blumfield: Yes. And all the better for it.

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Dostana picture

Sameer's Mother: There are things you must do with women that you cannot do with men.

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The Brothers Bloom picture

Narrator: Another home, another main street. Stephen looked around, then summed the burgh up thusly...
Young Stephen: Bloom, we've hit a one hat town. One theater. One car wash. One café. One park. One cat. Which, through some mishap, had one leg.

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Management picture

Mike: You have to let go of everything... in order to move on.

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Ghost Town picture

Bertram Pincus: Only floss the teeth that you want to keep.

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Chaos Theory picture

Frank Allen: You caught me reminiscing. A lot of memories here. Buy you a drink?
Ed: Oh, I'd love to Frank, but uh... I'm kind of... I'm... I'm in a bit of a rush.
Frank Allen: I insist. After all, it is the traditional function of the father of the bride.
Ed: What is?
Frank Allen: Keeping the groom away from back exits.

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The Red Baron picture

Emperor Wilhelm: We need men like him. I supposed we'll have to give you another promotion, Richthofen. You are a real hero. I take it the ladies are all over you.
Manfred von Richthofen: There aren't many ladies at 10,000 feet, your Majesty.

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How to Lose Friends & Alienate People picture

Sidney Young: I sent the fish, you know, goldfish in a bowl. Did she get them?
Sophie Maes' Assistant: Yes, but they were dead.
Sidney Young: All of them?
Sophie Maes' Assistant: Yeah, it was kind of shocking actually! Were they dead when you send them?
Sidney Young: No no, who sends people dead fish?
Sophie Maes' Assistant: The Mafia?

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Brideshead Revisited picture

Lady Marchmain: Drinking is not a hobby, Sebastian.

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Genova picture

Barbara: You're all very brave.
Joe: Yeah, well, we don't have much choice.

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Made of Honor picture

Tom: Nobody in the world makes me laugh the way you do. You're my best friend. I just wanna be with you.

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Last Chance Harvey picture

Kate Walker: I think I'm more comfortable with being disappointed. I think I'm angry at you for trying to take that away.

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Me & Orson Welles picture

Sonja Jones: He had a personality problem with Orson.
Richard Samuels: Meaning?
Sonja Jones: Meaning he had a personality.

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Over Her Dead Body picture

Ashley: Dan! Sorry, the phone scared me so I killed it.

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The Accidental Husband picture

Emma: You can't find something if you don't know what you're looking for.

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