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Joe Blumfield: I must remember that you're not like these people.
Guinevere Pettigrew: Am I terribly old fashioned?
Joe Blumfield: Yes. And all the better for it.

Delysia: Are you all right?
Guinevere Pettigrew: I have never sworn before in my life! Not even in my mind.
Delysia: I didn't hear you swear.
Guinevere Pettigrew: Yes I did! I said damned and hell, and I meant them.
Delysia: Oh, that's not swearing. They came out of the sinful category an age ago.

Michael: After an hour of waiting for her, I broke open the champagne.
Guinevere Pettigrew: Oh, dear.
Michael: Then floating past the Tower of London, I had a brain wave. Decided the ring I had wasn't good enough for her. And when a man wants a diamond, what better place to get it?

Edythe: Transformations work both ways, Guinevere. It would take me thirty seconds to put you back in the soup kitchen queue. I told you I never forget a face. Victoria Station.
Guinevere Pettigrew: Nor have I forgotten with whom you shared a taxi last night.
Edythe: Oh, you have. If you want to continue working for Delysia, you have. Now, we all of us need things in our life. I need Joe for his, well, he's a man of connections. And you need, you need to stay off the streets, I imagine.

Joe Blumfield: That scarf, if I may say, looks perfect on you.
Guinevere Pettigrew: Well, thank you. It was a present. You know, I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever worn.
Joe Blumfield: The flatterer has been out-flattered.
Guinevere Pettigrew: Sorry?
Joe Blumfield: It's one of mine, the design. Last year, for Mimi Coture.
Guinevere Pettigrew: My goodness.
Joe Blumfield: You really didn't know? Well that is a compliment indeed.

Guinevere Pettigrew: Not everything comes along just when we want it. There are times when decisions just have to be made, or you certainly will miss out.

Guinevere Pettigrew: You people, with your green drinks and your parties and your subterfuges! You're all playing at love. One minute her, the next minute someone else, flit, flit, flit! We'll, I'm not playing. Love is not a game.

Michael: Ice pick?
Delysia: It's in the drawer. Somewhere! Ice in the Fridgedair?
Michael: I want the pick for murder, not ice.

Delysia: Men are so untrusting. I can't think why.

Phil: I'm sorry it's Phil Goldman. How do you do?
Guinevere Pettigrew: We've met before actually. You were entirely naked at the time.

Guinevere Pettigrew: I am not an expert on love, I am an expert on the lack of love, Delysia, and that is a fate from which I wish more fervently to save you.

Edythe: Well I didn't answer the telephone because I couldn't answer the telephone.
Delysia: Why not?
Edythe: I was in the bathroom.
Delysia: Having a bath?
Edythe: No, I just - didn't answer the telephone. And now Joe says the engagement's off! Just because of one stupid little misunderstanding.

Guinevere Pettigrew: "Four's a Crowd"'s a wonderful movie. Who were you?
Delysia Lafosse: The crowd.

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