Best musical movie mistakes of 2006

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High School Musical picture

Revealing mistake: When Troy says "I'll sing with her," Ms. Darbus turns around "in response" to his voice before he even says anything.

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The Cheetah Girls 2 picture

Continuity mistake: When the Spanish singer is singing on in the club for the first time on her own, at the end of her song she stamps on her hat flattening it. In the next shot, the hat is back to normal.

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Happy Feet picture

Continuity mistake: When Mumble is still a baby, his "bowtie" does not appear until Boss Skua has him pinned down under his foot. Then shortly after, it disappears again, only to reappear when Mumble falls into the crack in the ice.

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Idlewild picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Rooster is driving/running away from the gangsters, he is supposed to be alone in his car but in one shot a hand appears and is holding on to the passenger side door from inside the car.

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Dreamgirls picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Effie sings "Curtis, this time Effie's gonna win", Curtis turns his head a little to his left when Effie sings "win" at his face. But at the next shot, camera behind Curtis, Curtis' head is slightly turned to his right. (01:52:35)

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