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300 picture

Messenger: What makes this woman think she can speak among men?
Queen Gorgo: Because only Spartan women give birth to real men.

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Fearless picture

Moon: Because, "If you're sad", my Grandma told me "then cry", "After you cry, you still have to live life"

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World Trade Center picture

Allison Jimeno: How am I supposed to tell Bianca that her father is dead?

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The Wind That Shakes the Barley picture

Damien: I tried not to get into this war, and did, now I try to get out, and can't.

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Marie Antoinette picture

Marie-Antoinette: Am I to be Austrian or the Dauphine of France?
Ambassador Mercy: You must be both.

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Bobby picture

Dwayne: Now that Dr. King is gone, nobody left but Bobby. Nobody.

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Amazing Grace picture

William Wilberforce: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a slave ship. The Madagascar. It has just returned from the Indies where it delivered 200 men, women and children to Jamaica. When it left Africa, there were 600 on board. The rest died of disease or despair. That smell - is the smell of death. Slow, painful death. Breath it in. Breath it deeply. Take those handkerchiefs away from your noses! There, now. Remember that smell. Remember the Madagascar! Remember, that God made men equal.

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Letters From Iwo Jima picture

Saigo: We can die here, or we can continue fighting. Which would better serve the emperor?

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Rang De Basanti picture

Karan: Dj, yeh toh bahaut khoon behe rahi hai yaar. - Dj, there's a lot of blood.
DJ: Koi nahin, kaake. Woh ragoon mein daudte daudte thak gaya tha. Azad hona chahta hai. - It's nothing. It just got tired of running in my veins. It wants to be free.

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Hollywoodland picture

Louis Simo: Lady, I can nail you with this.
Leonore Lemmon: D'Artagnan, you couldn't nail me with roses and a trip to Vegas.

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Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple picture

Jim Jones: Be assured in that choice is not ours now. It's out of our hands. Die with respect. Die with a degree of dignity. Lay down your life with dignity. Don't lay down with tears and agony. Stop this hysterics. Keep your emotions down. Children, it will not hurt if you'll be quiet.

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Copying Beethoven picture

Ludwig van Beethoven: An artist is someone who has learnt to trust in himself.

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Flags of Our Fathers picture

Bud Gerber: People on the street corners, they looked at this picture and they took hope. Don't ask me why, I think it's a crappy picture, myself. You can't even see your faces! But it said we can win this war, are winning this war, we just need you to dig a little deeper. They want to give us that money. No, they want to give it to you.

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Flight 93 picture

Honor Elizabeth Wainio: Hi, Mom, it's me. I'm on the plane that's been hijacked. I'm just calling to tell you that I love you, and goodbye. This really kind woman handed me the phone and she said to call you.

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United 93 picture

Ziad Jarrah: Open the door. Open the door and nobody will be hurt.

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