Best fantasy movie easter eggs of 2006

Superman Returns picture

Easter egg: Easter Egg on the 2-disc Special Edition Region 1 DVD:Go to Special Features, then Deleted Scenes. Place the cursor on "Features" at the bottom and then press Down once. A red Superman logo will appear below "Features" and "Menu." Now select the red logo and press Enter and you will see some funny outtakes of Kevin Spacey doing his "Wrong." scene.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest picture

Easter egg: On disc 2 of the 2-disc special edition, enter Mastering The Blade. Highlight Return To Bonus. Press left and down. This should highlight the keyhole. Press OK to see a short clip of the dog and its trainer.


Click (2006)

Click picture

Easter egg: Go to deleted scenes and then scroll to main menu. When there press the right button on controller to see a lightning bolt symbol highlighted. press it for an extra scene.


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