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Domino picture

Revealing mistake: Towards the ending in the strip club, Locus is getting arrested. When it shows his hands being cuffed, it's not his hands but those of Charles in an earlier scene. You can tell because the person is wearing long red sleeves and a Rolex.


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Batman Begins picture

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the scene, when Bruce and Fox are in the tumbler Fox says "We never could get the damn bridge to work, but this baby works just fine" then Bruce turns the wheel to the left but the tumbler turns right. (00:57:45)

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Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous picture

Revealing mistake: While Gracie chases "Fake Dolly," as Dolly runs past the Asian couple her supposed spike heeled shoes have a filled in flat base between the fake spike heel and sole, obviously making it easier to run. When Gracie pins her to the ground, Dolly wears real spike heeled shoes. (00:48:10)

Super Grover Premium member

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Sin City picture

Revealing mistake: When dead Jackie Boy is talking to Dwight, you can see his normal neck under the fake slit-throat neck, and once or twice, you can even see a little device that was meant to shoot out smoke from a cigarette in the fake appliance.

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The Transporter 2 picture

Revealing mistake: During the garage fight scene towards the end, we see that the steel pole that Frank uses to beat up the bad guys bends while he uses it.


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Assault on Precinct 13 picture

Revealing mistake: About a minute into the movie we see Ethan Hawke waking up. He has a tattoo on his left pectoral. He then goes to the sink and mirror and the camera is directly behind him. He drops out of shot and in the same shot reappears in "the reflection" as he splashes his face with water. His tattoo is still on his left pectoral - all he's done is drop out of shot, move forward a few paces, turns around towards the camera and reappear as the mirror reflection. They've forgotten to either flip the image around or put the tattoo on the other side. (00:06:00)

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Chaos picture

Revealing mistake: When Dekker follows Richards on a motorbike he drives through a glass door with wooden frame. The class shatters noticeably (about a half second) before the bike even touches the door.


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Hostage picture

Revealing mistake: When the Mob's FBI is about to storm the house they shoot the transformer cutting power to the house. But yet when Bruce Willis shoots the fountain in the house it is still pumping out water.

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Saw II picture

Revealing mistake: When the group finds the picture of Daniel and his father Eric in the house, look closely at the photo - it was obviously very poorly patched together with photoshop. The lighting on Daniel/Eric does not match the lighting in the background at all, and it's clear that they have been crudely "cut out" of another photo and inserted over the background image. The extremely poor, obviously fake quality of the photo is even jokingly mentioned in at least one of the DVD commentaries.

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Rosario Tijeras picture

Revealing mistake: In the shot when Rosario cries in silence with her dead brother at the bed he moves the little finger of his left hand.

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XXX: State of the Union picture

Revealing mistake: Right after Darius blows the boats, Steele is on the dock firing at him. It is shown that he shoots a couple rounds but his finger is not on the trigger. (00:24:00)

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Lord of War picture

Revealing mistake: When Yuri makes his first big sale, the pile of American M-16s in Beirut, the camera does a close up on the pile of weapons. Clearly stamped on the closest rifle is AR-15, the non-automatic civilian version of the M-16.

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Into the Blue picture

Revealing mistake: When the guys are on the jet skis, when they are showing off, you can tell they are stunt doubles.

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Four Brothers picture

Revealing mistake: After the car chase, the authorities are seen carrying away two body bags that are clearly empty. The men show no strain at all in carrying the bodies, and the bags even look empty. But if they were, they'd just be folded up and taken by one person.


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Get Rich or Die Tryin' picture

Revealing mistake: When Majestic is discussing killing the police to Marcus, the shot of the Uptown station house has the same figure ascending its steps in both shots, revealing that one shot was used twice instead of actually using two separate shots of the same location.

Low Cow

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Unleashed picture

Revealing mistake: During the fight in the apartment, the girl in the shower is wearing a black thong. (01:44:00)

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Hustle & Flow picture

Revealing mistake: When DJ gets arrested, handcuffed and put in a police car, it's shown that he's actually holding his own cuffs.

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