Best comedy movie character mistakes of 2005

Sky High picture

Character mistake: In the scene where Steve and Josie prepare to leave to fight the giant robot at the beginning of the movie, Steve tells Will "Oh, Will, a reminder: a lot of the kids at Sky High will only have one super hero parent, not two." When he says "one super hero parent", he holds up two fingers. When he says "not two", he holds up only one finger.

Ice Princess picture

Character mistake: When Casey is using her knowledge of physics to advise a figure skater, she states, "Pull your arms in real tight. That increases your moment of inertia". In fact, this is the exact opposite of how it really works. Reducing her overall radius makes her rotational inertia smaller. (00:21:05)

Thank You for Smoking picture

Character mistake: Nick and the film director talk about cigarettes blowing up in the all-oxygen environment of a space station. Spacecraft don't have an all-oxygen environment- this would kill the astronauts inside it. Oxygen exhibits toxic effects above a certain partial pressure under most circumstances.

The Pacifier picture

Character mistake: After the Lieutenant is shot and is in hospital, his CO is explaining what the GHOST system is. He explains that the acronym is "Guided High Altitude Scrambling Transmitter" - which would be GHAST. Replacing "altitude" for "orbit", which is probably what was intended, would make a Guided High Orbit Scrambling Transmitter - or the GHOST system henceforth referred to in the film. (00:06:25)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith picture

Character mistake: When the Smiths first enter the store Home Made, the camera pans around and faces the store's large display picture which reads, "The true measure of a home lies in it's kitchen," but the word "it's" should be "its."

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The Perfect Man picture

Character mistake: When Holly and Amber go to see Amber's uncle at the Bistro, they say the 'report' is due tomorrow. However that day will be Sunday (no school!), as previously it was mentioned that the day was Saturday.


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