Best romance movie audio problems of 2004

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The Phantom of the Opera picture

Audio problem: Right after Joseph Buquet is killed, Raoul runs and finds Christine. When she says, "Raoul, we're not safe here", her lips do not move; her mouth is merely agape. (01:05:35)

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Napoleon Dynamite picture

Audio problem: When Napoleon knocks on Trisha's door he knocks four times but you only hear three knocks. (00:38:05)

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Meet the Fockers picture

Audio problem: At the end when Greg and Pam get married, Kevin plays a song on a set of pipes, however, the notes he plays are wrong - when he blows the short pipes, a low note is made, and vice versa. This should be the other way around. (01:45:45)

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Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen picture

Audio problem: When Lola is on stage performing Eliza Rocks, she turns her head away from the audience and quickly whips it back. As she is turning her head away her lips are not moving, but the song continues.

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Raise Your Voice picture

Audio problem: Terri takes her friends out to a restaurant, and she starts singing a song, and where she says, "The way you swept me off my feet," her mouth doesn't move at all.

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Troy picture

Audio problem: After the Trojans start to fire arrows at the ship, the second Myrmidon who falls overboard into the water, screams loudly as he falls, though his mouth is clenched shut. It is the type of yell that cannot be made with a closed mouth. (00:40:00)

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A Cinderella Story picture

Audio problem: When the twins are practicing in the house pool, one of them farts and you can hear her say "whoopsie" but her mouth doesn't move. (00:07:10)

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The Terminal picture

Audio problem: When Viktor is celebrating the end of the war in Krakozia in the bar, we see Amelia approaching the bar. As she does, we hear Viktor give a loud "Krakozia!" Watch his mouth when he does. By this time, we have a clear view of his mouth and his cry of "Krakozia!" comes before his lips make the appropriate movements.

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Wicker Park picture

Audio problem: Luke and Alex are standing outside the restaurant. Close up on Luke as his mouth says, "Are we still going out tonight?" Yet we hear, "Are we still going out tomorrow?"

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The Notebook picture

Audio problem: When Noah and Allie are at the dilapidated old house, when Allie says 'This place is gigantic' her words don't match her mouth moving. (00:30:00)

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Welcome to Mooseport picture

Audio problem: When Sally's friend turns up the volume on the TV for the debate, the volume doesn't go up as many "notches" as it should, because she raised it quite a bit.

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Anchorman picture

Audio problem: After Ron hears that if he can't make it to the station in time that they are going to put Veronica on, he exits the phone booth and runs toward the camera. You can see him push over a man and shout "I've got to do the news" but if you watch his lips, they aren't moving when he says this. (00:52:05)

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Shaun of the Dead picture

Audio problem: After Philip gets bitten and they all get into his Jaguar, Barbara asks Philip "Are you alright, dear?" As she says this, her lips are not moving.

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Bride and Prejudice picture

Audio problem: At the end of the scene on the hotel balcony between Darcy and Balraj, Darcy's voice said "Not exactly, no" but his mouth says "Absolutely not, no." (00:14:55)

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The Girl Next Door picture

Audio problem: During the scene at the AVN convention, when Matt sees Danielle by her big poster dancing and signing autographs for a group of fans, he walks over and starts pleading his true feelings and asks her to come down and talk to him. Right as he pleads, "This is all my fault", the camera shot slightly to the left and behind Matt does not show his lips moving at all.

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Sideways picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Jack returns to the motel in the morning (after his first night with Stephanie), she's waiting for him on her motorcycle. When Jack goes back downstairs and gets on the back of the motorcycle, the sound effect is that of a revving bike engine, but you can see that Stephanie's right hand (the throttle hand) is not moving at all.

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