Best TV audio problems of 2003

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The O.C. picture

The Model Home - S1-E2

Audio problem: At the beginning of the episode we see Kirsten on the phone, in the next shot we see Sandy pick up a towel and look out the window. At this moment you can see Kirsten, and she is still talking on the phone, but her mouth doesn't even move.

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Arrested Development picture

Not Without My Daughter - S1-E21

Audio problem: In the final scenes where Tobias is shooting at the rats you see the shot blasts after each firing of the gun. On the fourth shot there is no visible blast but there is still an audible gunshot when it happens.

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Little Britain picture

Season 1 Episode 2 - S1-E2

Audio problem: When Sam Bailey is getting his driving lesson from the policeman, they both stand next to the car and we hear "Get in, soft lad." The policemans lips are moving although it is Sam's voice. (00:26:35)

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Reno 911! picture

Clementine's Pregnant - S1-E4

Audio problem: When Deputy Williams and Deputy Johnson walk up to the man Williams asks him if he used the brick he is holding to brake the car's window. He answers "Nope, I don't need a brick if I wanted to brake a window." You can see his lips about halfway through the statement and they are not moving. (00:11:10)

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Tru Calling picture

Putting Out Fires - S1-E2

Audio problem: When Lindsay learns that Tru has broken up with her secret boyfriend and met another guy the same morning, she jokingly whispers to her, "You little slut." The movement of her lips doesn't match at all.


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Nip/Tuck picture

Erica Noughton - S2-E1

Audio problem: During the scene where Sean goes to the doctor and they are trying to diagnose his shaking hand ('yip') condition. When the doctor and Sean stand up at the end of the consult, the doctor continues speaking to Sean, but his lips do not move.

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Dead Like Me picture

Ashes to Ashes - S2-E11

Audio problem: When Daisy is at the bar (acting), she gives Walter "5 reasons men come to a bar." When she says "Three: They wanna see that they're missing," her lips are not in sync with the words. It's tricky to see because they used a shot with the camera behind her.

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Racquet Espanol - S3-E7

Audio problem: When everyone is leaving the restaurant and walking down the street, some are going off for a night cap, Rosemary says she can't go because she has to work tomorrow. But her words and her mouth are out of sync, as are the others to a lesser degree.


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Star Wars: Clone Wars picture

Chapter 11 - S2-E1

Audio problem: When the Jedi Council are discussing Anakin's promotion to Jedi Knight, in a wide shot, we hear the voice of the female, dark-skinned Jedi saying, "Yes. We need more knights." But her mouth is closed as she says this, and the male Jedi Even Piell (the Jedi talking in the previous shot) is moving his mouth as if he's the one talking. (00:05:25)

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Stripperella picture

Beauty and the Obese: Part 1 - S1-E1

Audio problem: After the bartender himself offers a lap dance to the man who just talked to Persephone, the man walks off to the right of the screen. The bartender offers him a cheaper price when the camera cuts to a different angle after he walked away. At this point, the man would now be just off the left side of the screen, but when you hear him say "No" it comes from the right side when listening with headphones. (00:02:42)

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