Best music movie mistakes of 2001

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Save the Last Dance picture

Factual error: During the movie's opening credits, Sara is shown auditioning for Juilliard, which is misspelled as "Julliard" on a sign outside the room where the audition is occurring.

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Josie and the Pussycats picture

Continuity mistake: When the 3 girls drive up to Val, Mel and Josie at the bowling alley after the Pussycats gig, one of them puts a Coke can on the top of the car and you can clearly see there's no picture on it. In the next shot, you can see a picture of one of the guys from DuJour on it.

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Rock Star picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Chris and his band go to the concert, they are in the front standing next to the stage. However, when the camera cuts to show the entire audience, different people are standing where Chris and his band were. From that view, Chris and his band are not even in the audience.

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Glitter pictureGlitter mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Mariah, is on the "not a date" with Dice, and they're having dinner, they start to talk and in the different shots you see that the amount of wine in the glasses changes in every shot. (00:30:20)

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Captain Corelli's Mandolin picture

Factual error: During the first scenes of the film the Greek flag used is the current one, and not the one used at that time. The flag that should have been used is a white cross on blue.

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The Caveman's Valentine picture

Continuity mistake: When the police secure the scene where Scotty was found a TV reporter makes a statement. She's standing in front of a tree with a big horizontal branch. When the camera angle changes the tree behind her is different with a much lower branch. (00:10:25)

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La Pianiste picture

Continuity mistake: Walter takes part in a trial performance to join Erika's piano master class. When he opens the door to the concert hall his collar button is open, but when the camera angle changes and the door is seen from inside the shirt is closed. (00:28:55)

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Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story picture

Factual error: Just before the band records their first EP Ride Into The Sun, the drummer quits. Rick Allen is shown to audition, is hired, then plays on the recording. In reality, Rick was hired after the recording of the EP. For the recording of the EP, Def Leppard recruited Frank Noon of The Next Band to play the drums.

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