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The English Patient picture

Hana: There's a man downstairs. He brought us eggs. He might stay.
Almásy: Why? Can he lay eggs?
Hana: He's Canadian.
Almásy: Why are people always so happy when they collide with someone from the same place? What happened in Montreal when you passed a man in the street? Did you invite him to live with you?

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Michael Collins picture

Michael Collins: There was a man in west Cork who proposed to five sisters.
Kitty Kiernan: I suppose they all refused.
Michael Collins: Then the father died and he proposed to the mother.
Kitty Kiernan: Are you trying to tell me something?
Michael Collins: I was working up to a proposal.

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Courage Under Fire picture

Monfriez: Sir, if you get a hangfire on your weapon, what do you do? You wait, with your weapon pointed in a safe direction, 'cause sometimes the primer bursts, and if you open the chamber it blows up in your face. Leave this round in the chamber, sir.

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In Love and War picture

Ernest Hemingway: You love me, you just don't know it yet.

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Mother Night picture

Howard W. Campbell Jr.: I guess the moral here is: you must be careful what you pretend to be because in the end you are who you're pretending to be.

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