Best crime movie trivia pictures of 1992

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Reservoir Dogs trivia picture

Trivia: After Mr. Orange passes out, Mr. Pink and Mr. White go into the next room to talk. On the counter is some white liquid and pink liquid next to each other and orange liquid on the other side of the counter.

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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York trivia picture

Trivia: Right before the camera shows Kevin walk up to Mr. Duncan to pay for his things, it shows a man and his baby. The man is really Chris Columbus (the director of the movie) with his daughter (Eleanor Columbus) who later played Susan Bones in the first two Harry Potter movies.

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Batman Returns trivia picture

Trivia: The Christmas ball scene is symbolic: since it is a masquerade party all the guests are in disguise. The only guests who aren't wearing masks are Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. This implies that their real personalities are Batman and Catwoman respectively, and that their public persona is the real disguise.


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