Best TV character mistakes of 1990

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The Dog - S3-E4

Character mistake: When George and Elaine go to the coffee shop after The Movie without Jerry, they establish that Elaine moved to NYC in 1986. Then they make fun of the way that Jerry throws up; both imitating Jerry. The "Dinner Party" episode is after the "The Dog". In the "Dinner Party" episode, Jerry brags that he hasn't thrown up since June 29th, 1980. The black and white cookie ended this streak. Elaine would not have been around to see this, not arriving in NYC until 1986.

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Called Home - S18-E1

Character mistake: Michael Cutter decides to charge Bill Nolan with second-degree manslaughter, and tells Green and Lupo to pick him up. In the next scene, as he and Ed lead Nolan away in cuffs, Lupo says he's under arrest for murder.

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Lost in Las Vegas - S7-E10

Character mistake: When he arrives at his hotel room in Vegas, David is surprised that Ray is performing at one of the casinos. But at the beginning of the episode, Steve told Brandon that Ray was performing, which suggests going to see him was part of their plans. So either (1) Steve shouldn't have known Ray was performing there, or (2) David shouldn't have been so surprised.

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Bang the Drum, Ashley - S1-E2

Character mistake: When Geoffrey serves tea after his sassy cough at Vivian's sentence about High Tea not being a sacred institution, the actor messes up when it's time to actually serve tea, with a napkin getting caught in the teacup saucer. Granted, accidents do happen, but it's quite uncharacteristic for the perfect butler Geoffrey is portrayed to be, and simply a flub by Joseph Marcell. (00:17:45)

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Episode Sixteen - S2-E9

Character mistake: At the Roadhouse Cooper states that the second victim (Maddy) was found dead two days ago. It has been less than 24 hours since the body was found: he likely means she was murdered two days ago.

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Lady Florence Craye Arrives in New York (or, the Once and Future Ex) - S4-E2

Character mistake: Cheesewright is trying to convince the police to raid the charity ball because alcohol is going to be served. The police chief tells him they stay out of private affairs and Cheesewright replies "The law's the law!" Prohibition made illegal the sale and transport of alcohol, but people were still allowed to have it in their homes or private functions. No laws were being broken. (00:33:30)

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The Brady 500 - S1-E1

Character mistake: Bobby gets injured in a racing accident. When the family is told by Greg that Bobby is paralyzed and can't walk, Marcia starts to smile, then quickly changes to a sad face to match the situation.

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