Best fantasy movie audio problems of 1990

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Ghost picture

Audio problem: At the end of the movie, Carl is chasing Molly and Oda Mae. He says something like "Molly she's a thief!" and something else, but his lips don't move.

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The Witches picture

Audio problem: Bruno's mouth is out of sync when he says "I really do hate margarine," as he is talking to the waitress about what are in the sandwiches that day.

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The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter picture

Audio problem: When Bastian puts Auryn under his shirt, there's a "bling" sound like Auryn hits another piece of metal, like a medallion or necklace. However Bastian isn't wearing any other metal. (00:11:55)

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Problem Child picture

Audio problem: When Junior picks up the cat and it starts to hiss you can see that the cat's mouth isn't moving.

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DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp picture

Audio problem: In the final scene where Scrooge chases Dijon out of his money bin, Scrooge shouts, "I'll change your face, you thief," but his mouth isn't even open. (01:09:10)

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Nightbreed picture

Audio problem: This problem exists in the extended Director's Cut. When Narcisse is first introduced in the hospital, when we cut outside to Decker and the police walking to the room, they suddenly hear Narcisse grunting which makes them rush to his room. However, they are quite the distance from his room, and Narcisse's grunts are fairly low, so it's obvious they shouldn't have heard him from that distance. The audio mixing tries to make his grunts sound louder, but it doesn't sound right at all... they're way down the hall from the room, but his low grunts sound like they're coming directly right next to them. This is all the more confusing, as in the theatrical edition, they are alerted to a distant scream by a nurse, which was much more believable. (As the Director's Cut is currently the most readily-available version of the film on Blu-Ray online, and is the director's intended edition, I believe it should count as a mistake).

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