Best animated TV factual errors of 1989

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Factual error: During the theme, the Simpsons' mailbox flag is on the wrong side of the mailbox. (Flags are always on a mailbox's right side, when viewed from the front. The one at the Simpson home is on the left side of their mailbox). (00:01:45)

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Kiss 'N Tell - S1-E4

Factual error: While spinning around dragging Link by the dragon's tail, the dragon blows fire at him and burns his feet, barely. But the way the dragon is spinning, there is no way the fire could have curved that way to get Link's feet. And the fire is also coming at Link's feet from above his head towards his feet, but where the dragon's head is it should be coming from below his feet. (00:04:15)

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Robo Koopa - S1-E52

Factual error: Koopa tries to kill the Mario brothers, Bunsun and Dr. Nerdnik by pushing an electric pole at them. Mario and Luigi use a nearby fire hydrant to protect them by having water rush out of it and keeping the pole from crushing them. There is no way a single blast of water can stop a large pole from falling, and the brothers would have been electrocuted as soon as the water hit the pole. (00:07:00)

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